Could Somebody Bring Me My Glasses

First of all, I would like to congratulate myself for helping Max with his math. Yes. Somewhere from the very depths of my brain, I pulled out how to multiply a whole number with a fraction. And get the correct answer.  I need do nothing else today!

And yet.

I have been working on some short stories, and some longer stuff  (code word for “a novel.”)

I’m at the beginning. I’m still working out the process. What will the habit of writing be like? Coming up with ideas, characters, stories. And then following through with a finished work. Will the well run dry?

Even more to the point, the past few days I’ve had great amounts of difficulty deciding precisely what story to submit (write) for an upcoming contest (deadline in 6 days.) I have been going back and forth and back and forth. What the heck? I mean it has been a total struggle. Like trying to read the menu at a dimly lit restaurant but I forgot my reading glasses.

So frustrating! Someone get me some glasses!  Turn up the lights! Or – you across the table – hold the menu up for me.

And then. Eureka! Today around 3 o’clock. It just dawned on me. The story that I’m going to submit is the story that I need to write right now.  I’ve got notes and half a draft or two that I have been pondering since October. Why didn’t I see it until today?

Well. Maybe a few reasons. I wasn’t ready. It wasn’t ready. It needed to percolate and all that. But if I’m being honest? I know that I didn’t want to see the truth behind this story. I didn’t want it to be revealed. To me.

And so. I suppose fear was holding me back. And courage will move me forward. It takes courage to see things we don’t want to see. To feel emotions we don’t want to feel.

And, not to mention, a good pair of reading glasses to read the words on the page.

Synchronicity II

Since I ran across a green grasshopper this past October my world has blossomed. Good fortunes and new beginnings. And with this has come some awesome bits of coincidence. Connections. Synchronicity.

The latest has been the “nexus” of Marion Roach Smith and Gary Taubes.

I can say unequivocally that Gary Taubes has made my life better. I’ve been following Gary since discovering his books via a tiny blurb in Discover magazine toward the end of 2010. I was a totally skeptical 47 year old marathon runner who, because of Gary’s work, converted her diet from bagels and jelly to bacon and eggs. And I feel great!

Gary set me on the primal/paleo path that has rocked my world. I feel better, I think better, I might even look better.

And with that new attitude, I set myself to begin writing again. I understand, for me, that writing has the ability to unlock puzzles, to free ideas, and to play with concepts. I did it a long time ago but somehow, along the way, I came to fear it. What it may reveal. To me. To others. I forgot that it could also be entertaining, and maybe, enlightening. Maybe even necessary.

And so. It turns out that Gary Taubes and Marion Roach are best friends. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I’ve been reading Marion’s book and blog about writing, and I think she is going to have just as great an impact on my life as Gary has.