Blog with Integrity

And so. Here we are the end of the week. Patti – what do we call it? So much more than TGIF.  And time for a PBR.

I am grateful today. For my family. and old Friends.

Tread lightly. Be gentle like a tiger.

In Jungian psychology there is the theory that the things we like least about others are things we can’t see in ourselves. Our shadow.

Or maybe when you read a blog that disturbs you. It is a mirror.

Tread lightly. Be gentle like a tiger.

Blog with Integrity.

What if people don’t like what you have to say? This just happened with one of my favorite fellow bloggers. And a reader let her know it. In an unkind fashion.  And another of my favorites was criticized for the way she looks. And another was told that she was not allowed to blog about certain things.

And so.

Tread lightly. Be gentle like a tiger. Blog with Integrity.

Those thoughts are always on my mind. And always my endeavor.

Also. You’ll notice. Sometimes I put periods in the middle of sentences. I Capitalize Things that don’t need Capitalization.

I make nouns into verbs and verbs into nouns.

So be it.

Anyway. Hopefully. When you visit the Carrot Seed.  You’ll have something to think about.

Even if it’s, “How does that dog reach the accelerator?”

And I will always. Blog with Integrity.