Waiting for Ice

I’m waiting for the ice maker to make some ice. We’re all out. So I’m waiting. To drink my iced tea with ice. I’ve been making a giant pitcher of Passion Sun Tea and keeping it in the refrigerator. It’s one of my beverage replacements for PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) at 5pm. PBR requires no ice. I’m so tempted to have one. You know. Because iced tea without ice. Is what? Cool tea. And PBR without ice. Is a lovely happy hour beverage. And you know what they say. Thursday is the new Friday. And 5pm is always Happy Hour.

So here we are. 5pm Thursday.

Still waiting for ice.

And that’s how some days go. Right? You think. How will I manage without ice? But then you do. You don’t choose the PBR. And you drink your cool tea. Without ice.

And sit on the patio listening to the trains. And the birds. And the neighbors. And a plane way way up.

As the sun begins its long summer descent.

Not so bad. Not so bad at all.

Happy Valentines Day

Here we are. Another Valentines Day. So for everyone out there who doesn’t like to make more of this special day than need be – instead of getting all mushy talking about how profound love is – how about instead we reflect on things we’re surprised  to discover we love.

For instance. Surprisingly I love:

The Beatles


Making breakfast

Beef Jerky

Pulling up dandelions




Star Wars the Clone Wars



Compression tights

Cowboy Boots

Pabst Blue Ribbon

and finally,


Anyone else out there surprised by some of the things they love? Happy Day!