I’ve liked this month. I’ve liked the symmetry of it. The elevens. All the elevens. Every day. That’s been pretty awesome. It makes me smile to write the date. Yeah. That’s pretty cool. When something makes you smile every day. For real. That is a good month.

I suppose now, I’ll be sad to see it go. I’m happy with today anyway.  It was a good day to end on. The last eleven eleven. The electrician came. I’ve been wanting to put a new fixture in the entryway for more than a year. Done today. Yes! On the check I wrote 11-30-11. Pretty nice for sure. Made me smile.

And I got my haircut. You know – taking care of business. 11-30-11. Nice.

So now. Me and the dogs are sitting by the fire. The candles are lit on the mantel. Pretty content we are. 11-30-11.

Thanks November 2011, I am grateful.