Gazing at my Gazing Ball

Sometimes when you’re lying in the hammock you see the most amazing things.

I was reading Paul Fussell, otherwise minding my own business, when one, then two, then… a lot of sea gulls starting circling above. We live a bit more than a mile from the lake and so this onslaught of copious gulls was very odd. I often see a scout gull or two way up high, but never before have I seen this many over our house. They were circling and soaring and darting. More and more kept coming from beyond the roof tops. Initially I feared they were on to the Koi in my pond.

But no. They stayed above.

Watching closely now, I began to see the other birds among them. Ah ha! The telltale white wing bars.


If you’re lucky, right around now in Chicagoland, at dusk, you can witness their migration south. For 15 minutes I got to watch the gulls and the nighthawks swooping and diving and devouring midair insects. It was quite a show! I’m still not certain how the gulls linked up with the nighthawks though. Any speculations are welcome.

Anyhoo. That was all last night. Tonight. Not so much is going on. So. Instead. I’m just gazing at my gazing ball.

Planting Seeds


This morning I’m sitting by my pond in the hot March sun (LOL!) listening to the waterfall and the birds. Watching the Koi gliding and swirling, together in a pack and then off on their separate errands. Sparkle the biggest (she’s a bit like a parade float compared to the others) leading the way.

I’m reading and writing. Thinking, this is nice. This is a perfect morning.

And then I started thinking, who am I? Who am I to be sitting here enjoying sitting here. Shouldn’t I be struggling and striving and worrying. Shouldn’t I be earning my space on this earth. Why do I deserve to be sitting here, on a Wednesday morning happy as a lark?

Further, who am I to be blogging? To be writing? Who am I?


Here’s the thing. Here’s my daily meditation.

May I be happy. May I be healthy. May I be safe. May I live with ease.

Wow! Ok. I’m sitting here this morning thinking. Shoot. If that meditation isn’t working after all.

And then I continue with the meditation to include my family. And then my friends And then my not friends.

Until finally.

May all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy. May all beings be safe. May all beings live with ease.

Saying this daily meditation. Writing this blog. Is like planting seeds. So many are skeptical, “I’m afraid that won’t work.” “I’m afraid they won’t come up.”

Sitting by my pond this morning, happy, healthy, safe, with ease. It’s working. Just as I knew it would.