Comfort Zone

Our cat, Blue has been escaping. When you open the door to let the dogs out, out she goes with them. The other day. Nobody noticed. And she spent a number of hours in the great outdoors. Did I mention that Blue has lived in this house for 4 years and in the totality of that time has been outside….NEVER! Until this crazy fall. Out she goes like she owns the place. What’s funny though. Is that she sort of slinks around. Like the great tall ceiling that is the sky may fall down upon her at any moment.

And yet out she goes. A little fear. A bit of discomfort. But the instinct to explore is greater than that.

Blue the cat is willing to move outside of her comfort zone!

We can learn a lot from our pets.

I’m taking a fiction class right now. I feel awkward and exposed and just this side of stupid. But I write and write and write anyway. Because I want to get better. I am terribly uncomfortable. But if I don’t try now when will I? Maybe I’ve got a few stories in me that are worth reading? I just need to work on getting them out.

It’s ok to feel awkward. And stupid. And stinky. It’s worth it.

Because, maybe you’ll find your passion. Maybe you’ll discover you.

Maybe I’ll discover me.


Belly Laughs

Where do real rough and tumble belly laughs come from?

I have laughed more on this vacation than perhaps I have all year.

Max, Tim, Henry. They’re all funny. The lot of them. Surrendering myself to their antics. Has had me rolling on the floor. Tears streaming down my cheeks. Laughing hard enough so both my face and my belly hurt. It feels so good! Almost as if it isn’t allowed. Like when I used to get those bouts of uncontrollable laughter in church. (Of course that wasn’t allowed)

And it’s just silly stuff really. Harmless all of it. We laugh at ourselves. We laugh at each other. A pair of us has inside jokes the others don’t get. And they laugh anyway because the two of us are a contagious spectacle. We can joke and laugh over just about anything.

That makes me curious to think about. I know we’re lucky because we’re such a tight-knit team. We’re very comfortable with each other. We know where not to tread. We know when a “joke” is not a “joke.”

But we also sense when one us may need to lighten up. And so we offer up one of the best gifts we can give – a joke. A “funny.” An observation that is slightly askew. Just enough of a reminder to stop taking life too seriously. Just enough to say, “Look I love you. Now get over yourself.”

I don’t know. The world needs to laugh more. Yes? It’s a stress reliever. It’s bonding. It’s loving. It feels good. Darned good. Do yourself a special favor and find a good belly laugh today. And if you can’t find one. Maybe give one as a gift to someone you love.

Laugh with me. Please.

Daisy with cone. Or is it an amplifier?

What makes you laugh? I was thinking about this reading today’s New York Times. There are no funnies. Why so serious? I think if we all could get one good belly laugh per day, we, as a nation, would take fewer pharmaceuticals.

So what does makes you laugh? Different things on different days for sure.

For instance. When I first affixed Daisy’s “e-collar” around her head and stood back to get a good look, I laughed until I was crying. And then I felt sort of bad, because if she isn’t the sweetest dog in the world, and here she is stuck inside this cone for the better part of two weeks. And then I started laughing again anyway.

And seriously, the laughing continues because she can’t manage to figure out the circumference of the thing. I believe the term is proprioception. Awareness of the position of one’s body. Or ones head with a giant plastic cone wrapped around it. It’s been a full week and she just finally managed to figure out how to lift her head above each incoming riser to get up the stairs. For six full days she would crash into one step and then the next and the next and the next until she reached the top. Happily she’s none the worse for wear.

Just as problematically, most objects and beings about the house are treated in similar fashion. She’s running up my backside constantly with the thing and taking out the cats and the other little dog on her way to the doorbell. She manages to strategically place herself in the kitchen doorway so there is no way around her but over her.

If it weren’t so darned funny, this week might have been a bit of a challenge. Only five more days to go!