Jungle Garden

After a week or so off due to the holiday and the heat I was back at the garden today for some watering, weeding, and harvesting.

Driving to Twiggs Park, I suppose I was picturing (dreading!) that I would find wilting sprouts and barren soil brought on by the two-monthlong drought and 100 degree temperatures. Perhaps that is why I was so surprised to find – JUNGLE GARDEN!

Craziness was happening in our partitioned rectangle of a space. Not only have the weeds taken over. They are thriving! These giant plants here above? The biggest things around? Not planted! Thriving! I yanked ’em.

Meantime. In the north end of our plot. Something was amiss. Why are the tomatoes looking such a mess? Why are they looking like  JUNGLE TOMATOES?  It took me a minute to put my finger on it.

Yuh. That’s right. Someone STOLE all of our tomato cages! Rather than upright and organized heirlooms we’ve now got ourselves a jumble of JUNGLE TOMATOES! Who would steal tomato hoops? I’m thinking the scrap metal collectors? Still. That is just so wrong. I suppose I’ll come back tomorrow and stake them with some wooden posts. I don’t think there’s much of a market for kindling. We shall see.

And so.

You know. I do love gardening. And I do love Twiggs Park. And I did collect two ginormous zucchinies and some lovely chard during my visit. And there was this awesome grasshopper. Whose presence to me always means good luck…

Ahhh! I feel better already. Just relating my story. You know. After all. You take the good with the bad. The Jungle with the zucchinis. I’ll be back tomorrow. Stake the tomatoes. And look for my friend. The grasshopper.

It is soooo hot…..

Is it too boring to talk about the weather? Please forgive me then, because I’m going to.

How can it be so hot and so dry here – while at Wimbledon – the roof is closed, it’s raining, and Azeranka had to wear pants to proceed to the semis!

Meanwhile across the pond near Chicago:

It’s so hot the fish are sweating

my sun tea came to a boil.

the squirrels are shedding

and the sun flowers could use some shade.

And yet. Here we are. Ready to celebrate the 4th of July with a few parties and a parade. How lucky we are though aren’t we? Wouldn’t so many give so much to only have the weather to complain about.