Being Whole

Being present. Being mindful. Being in the moment. Is to be whole.

Note. That does not mean YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY.

I’m going to cut to the chase. There is too much pressure lately, from everywhere, to BE HAPPY.

Happy is awesome! Don’t get me wrong. Happy. Is. Awesome. But it is a delusion. An advertisement. A myth. That we need to be in a constant state of “happiness.”

I’m here to tell you right this second. There is so much more to life than “happy.”

Because. Sometimes. You are not. And that is to be a whole, entire, 100% human being.

Life is complex. And interesting. And challenging. And sometimes sad. And mad. And frustrating.

You are not broken because you are not always “happy.”

Sitting in my back yard watching the birds, smelling the sweetness of the viburnum and the lilacs. Listening to the wind and the train and the planes. Thinking of what’s gone down and what will go down.

I am whole. This is life.

It is so much more than just being happy.