Taking a different tack today. Henry visited the Illinois Holocaust Museum with his 8th grade class this morning. It was a somber visit for normally raucous thirteen year olds. Henry came home with some outrageous numbers. 500,000 people were sent to Auschwitz. Two survived. 499,998 people did not. A total of 6 million Jews were murdered from 1933 – 1945.  These numbers stood out for Henry. He learned that the term “genocide” came into our lexicon because of these extreme facts.

And, somehow, there is still genocide in our world today. The museum eloquently states on their website:

“In order to honor the memory we preserve, we must endeavor to affect our world today.  Issues of human rights and genocide continue to pervade humanity, yet we continue to say “Never Again.”  From Armenia, Ukraine, Cambodia, the Balkans, Rwanda, Darfur, we cannot teach about genocide from a distance and must challenge younger generations to think about what it all means for them personally -“How does this relate to the way we live our lives?” “

We can be full of hate and hostility. We can answer hate with hate. And the cycle continues. That takes no courage.

How to change the cycle? Can we? Yes. Reflect on your own basic goodness. Be outraged by the lack of courage to do otherwise.