Kids will be kids. Boys will be boys. Teams will be teams.

Targets will be targets.

Bullies will be bullies.

I heard an earful today. About all of that.

And so.




It does not have to be. Just because it’s always been. And will always be. Because there is no other way.

There is another way.

Think. Feel. Know.

That the boy being bullied.

Is our brother.

That the boy being bullied.

Is our son.

That the girl being bullied.

Is our sister.

That the girl being bullied.

Is our daughter.

Just that thought.

Will help.

Maybe too. If you know. That the boy being bullied was my brother.

I get it.

And finally. I am ready to take a stand.

Stop Being a Bully

Bullying is rampant in our schools. How do we stop it? Why does it seem so intractable?

I would argue that a huge contributor to the problem is that we adults have not figured out how to stop this behavior among ourselves.

Yes. It happens to adults. We get bullied. We are bullies. And it’s not just the fodder for campaigning politicians. I know this, because this aggressive manipulation was recently leveled upon me.

Normally. Back in the day. I would laugh it off. And pretend it wasn’t real. Didn’t happen. So middle-school.

But. Lo’and behold.  Upon examining the situation. Indeed there it was. I was being bullied.

And I’m not going to take it any more. From. Any. One.

And so. Harmony vs. Dissonance.

We all pretend to strive for harmony. And yet, so many of us are ill-equipped to achieve it. We walk around spouting the desire for accord and yet by our actions, behaviors, and yes, beliefs create only discord.

Discord. Dissonance. Isn’t that so much easier? It takes no skill at all. Simply pound your fists on the keyboard.

But to create harmony, you need a bit of training. You need to listen. And discern. You need to manage your emotions. You need always to be kind even when you don’t feel like it.

Recognize when you are acting unskillfully. When you are being a bully. Recognize what that behavior truly creates.