This morning sitting on my zafu (don’t you love that word? It’s a meditation pillow) I watched the rain turn to snow. Actually, it happened like this. I was listening to a guided meditation by Sakyong Rinpoche and looking out the window. A light rain was blowing across the yard. I closed my eyes at one point to listen more closely. When I opened them again, it was snowing. Magical.

Today’s meditation was again about basic goodness. And importantly, basic goodness is not in opposition to bad.  In meditation we take the totality of all our experiences the good and bad, and come to who we are.

A very profound aspect of today’s meditation was placing your hand on your heart and saying the words, “basic goodness.”

Before you roll your eyes, or afterward, give it a try.

We so rarely put our hand to our heart. Give it a try. Feel your goodness.