Are you making this world better or worse?

I live among very bright and talented people. Evanston is a vibrant college community adjacent to the city of Chicago, adjacent to suburbs that brag some of the best and brightest, and wealthiest in all of the country.

And yet.

All you people. Are you making this world better or worse?

For instance:

When you don’t have anything good to say…

please be quiet until you do.

And please

do not make a video about all the bad things in this world that you portray as hopeless of being fixed.

I’m bringing this up because I was in a conversation with a very bright individual who believes the way to change the world is to piss people off. (When it is so obvious, that he is just in it to piss people off and not change the world at all.)


I don’t want your anger! Keep it to yourself. Stop thinking that spreading anger is good!

You made me angry!

So. I’m taking a moment here, at the Carrot Seed to ask:

Is making people angry good? Is righteous indignation good? Does anger help or hurt? Is anger a catalyst for Making it Better?

Anger without antidote. Anger for anger’s sake.

Ironic. Hip. Anger.


And also. Please don’t use the Constitution to support your righteous anger.

to the point

The US. Constitution has been a document sited to support peace and declare war.

to the point

Is showing off your interpretation of the Constitution going to make the world a better place?

Do you understand the two thousand years of philosophy and discourse, and hand wringing,  that shapes our constitution?

Do you appreciate the intention behind our constitution?

Really, do you?

I doubt it.

Or you wouldn’t be such an…

Do you appreciate how different our country is now in 2013 vs. 1789 when our constitution was adopted?

Do you understand that technology has gone beyond the words, but not the intentions of our forefathers?

Do you understand how difficult and complex it is to be a member of this world?

When you go off, spouting how smart you are and how dumb President Obama is…

Can I ask you a sincere question?

What is your agenda?

Is your agenda to make this world a better place?

Or is it to make yourself a dollar?

Or just show off how much you think you know about the Constitution?

Just askin’.

You made me angry.

I’ll tell you what that did for me. It made me think you rather a jerk.



Let’s all get really angry! And then once we are…let’s choose the next man to run the free world!

Let’s all castigate Mitt Romney if we are Democrats. Let’s all vilify Barak Obama if we are Republicans.

How long has the American electorate been exercising this ugly display of universal suffrage?

Do you remember voting for president when you were not full of righteous indignation?

Does righteous indignation bring about rational thought?

Did not our forefathers expect better of us?

If instead of being full of righteous indignation. Perhaps you were full of compassion?

I am full of compassion, you say with righteous indignation, that’s why I vote the way I do!

Uh oh. We do have a real problem on our hands don’t we.

But now we’re getting somewhere right?

The first step is recognizing that we have a problem.

And so.

Over the next few weeks. Before you engage. Or post to Facebook. Take three deep breaths. And think about having the right to vote for the next leader of the free world.