To Begin Anew



The Carrot Seed


Good bye.

It’s time.

I’ve been on a journey since my first post so many many months ago.

From my deepest heart, I thank you for coming along.

I wish I could convey all that I’ve learned.

The Carrot Seed has led me to my destination.

To a realization.

And now


I must begin anew.


Business first.

Go Hawks! Absolutely AMAZING!!!

And so.

I am so blessed, beyond knowing.

I grew up among a very crazy bunch of humans.

To balance them. I was blessed with acres of trees and water and animals.

Where I could run. Escape. Renew.

The humans were challenging my mettle.

The land was holding me safe.

And so.

A beautiful buck stopped me on the train tracks as I was running in Cooperstown, NY on Thursday.

He appeared out of nowhere.

(Scared the shit out of me.)

And stood on the tracks 15 feet from me.

Blocking my path.

He looked at me. For longer than you can imagine.

And then he moved on.


The Railroad

Kind of a mystery.

The railroad.

Mrs. Jenkins says hi. Her house looks abandoned. But it isnt’ at all.

Hello Mrs. Jenkins! I call to her name on the box.

Hello from the ether.


And the deer. The deer out of nowhere. From the banks of the Susquehanna.  From the meadow. To the meadow. For a moment.

The deer and me.

On the railroad.



Me to him and him to me.


And the flicker in the field. The flicker. My angel. Of protection.




And my boys.

My boys.


How I love them so.