The Pine and the Oak

Love. Hate. Happy. Sad.

To know.

Love. Hate. Happy. Sad.

Sitting on my cushion.

I see the most awesome pine tree standing next to the most awesome oak.


They both reach to the sky. And drink from the earth. And gather from every essence that surrounds them.

They take in the good and the bad.

Moment to moment to moment.

The pine tree sways. The oak stands firm.

Knowing their own way to manage the wind and the rain. The sun and the moon.

The pine and the oak.

Love. Hate. Happy. Sad.


4 thoughts on “The Pine and the Oak

  1. Both trees are so different – as you say the pine sways the oak stands firm, but both rely on the sun and rain and wind to make them what they are. A treat to look at them through your eyes and words.

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