When Mourning Doves Get Frisky…

you know spring is close at hand.

I wish I had a picture. Maybe you’re glad I don’t.

So anyway.

Here’s the story.

The usual statuesque mourning doves were all hoppy. Which caught my attention.

I thought to myself, how funny, the normally placid and peaceful, staid and reserved Mourning Doves are a bit flitty and hoppy and bobby.

The one with the other. And then the other with the one.

The male (I suppose) hopped about in a pattern.

And the female (I think) turned her tail to him and bobbed away.

Hmmm. I continued to observe.

Oh my.  Look at those doves.  (Again, I thought to myself, for there was no one to reveal my thoughts to, and more to the point, no one really interested it there was one present to reveal my thoughts) So I thought rather than uttered, those mourning doves are frisky. By golly, I think they’re about to…

Well. Truth be told. It took more time than I had for anything much to progress. Time as a factor, I abandoned my watch.

This is all to say.

The mourning doves were frisky.

Spring must be on the way.

We Are Feeling Creatures Who Think

Jill Bolte Taylor illuminates:

We are living in a left brain dominant society where we value what we think over what we feel

Where we reward people for what we do rather than for who we are

We care about the Me rather than the We

We focus on personal gain rather than community

We care about profits rather than people

We strive for authority rather than quality

We see differences rather than similarities

We are competitive rather than compassionate

We are judgmental rather than forgiving.

We value the left brain rather than the right.

But we have a choice.

We have a choice

to “think” differently.

To engage our “right” minds.

The Carrot Seed Post #200.

We are feeling creatures who think.

I feel, therefore, I am.

Is it because I was born in 1963?

Hello Carrot Seed Readers and Viewers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far. That last post was a doozy wasn’t it? Who knew what was what? Maybe the writer should put down her wine glass, yes?

But mostly, anyway, I do hope you’ve enjoyed spending some time with me over the past year and so. Because I’ve really and truly enjoyed spending time with you.

Thinking out loud. Writing it down. Hitting Publish. There is a certain energy. Expectation. Trepidation. Rolling of eyes.

Writing and being read.

The writing. The reading. The viewing or not.

It helps inform.

It makes me Me.


Thank you thank you thank you.

For visiting. For reading. Reflecting. Rolling your eyes. Challenging my thoughts. Giving me a virtual hug.


A real one.


Maybe just a little bit. Once in a while. It helps you be You.


I haven’t yet read through the Carrot Seed as a retrospective of the past 198 posts.  I will. Not quite ready?

I will be soon. I feel it.

But anyway and so and all that.

I think the Carrot Seed might be changing a bit.

Not sure? Maybe?

You know and all.

There is something to be said about turning 50.

I’m not entirely sure what yet.

But there is something to be said.

More to come.

Hey Hello!

The Carrot Seed Checking in.

Like anything and everything.

January February March.

A little boring here at the Carrot Seed.

But not really.


Not boring.



That’s all.

I look at the stats for the Carrot Seed.

And well. and you know. anyway.

Just here to say.

We’re here to stay.


More to come.

Know Thyself

First of all. Shout out to Coursera. Free. Free! College courses. From some of the best universities in the world. I cannot recommend it enough. Go! Give it a try. Nothing to lose. So much to gain.

I believe. The more we know. Know. The more we can serve. The more we can understand. The more empathetic we can be.


the more we know

we understand


we are connected


we are dependent.

bahai temple

We live only a few blocks from the Baha’i Temple. I often include a pass through the gardens on my daily run. There are nine entrances to this magnificent house of worship. Above each entrance is an inscription.

My favorite is:

The earth is but one country; and mankind its citizens.

And yet. We’ve been taught, at least here in America, that our individuality, our independence is a virtue.

How can I reconcile my Self as being One among Many? How to I stand out as a Citizen of the World?

How can I know who I am in the world?


I hardly know myself?

And so.

I’ve just begun the Coursera Course: Know Thyself. Here’s a taste of what it’s about:

Just what, if anything, is missing from a person lacking in self-knowledge that makes her significantly less wise, virtuous, or able than others who have this capacity?

Today’s lecture asks us to list 20 of our own character traits. Professor Green wonders if those close to us, may have a better idea of our “character” than we do ourselves.

Almost 200 posts later. I’m so happy to be here.

The Carrot Seed was conceived, has evolved to explore just this:

Who am I? How can I contribute? Where do I fit in?