I Wasn’t Kidding!

You know how yesterday I said there was a winter storm a comin’? It’s here! I texted one of my favorites out in Portland to tell her that crushed ice was falling from the sky. You know what she texted back? Make a margarita. I heart Lisa!

Check out this weather forecast from the very best, most thorough weather forecaster of all time, Tom Skilling (click on it you won’t be disappointed!):


Midwest winter storm: Chicago pelted by snow, sleet.

Well. That’s all I have for now. I’ll up date tomorrow if there’s more to the story.


4 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Kidding!

  1. Days like these, I’m glad to have a sometimes-warm and cozy apartment to cower in, at least ’til the wretched snow demons depart for their wasteland domains, and let the sun god begin his reign…

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