February 25th

It has been a long short month. The weather has been challenging. Cold. Blustery. Snowy. Sleety. From what I’m told there was, of all things, a thunder snow at 2am a few nights back. Horizontal snow, gusting winds, and yes. Thunder.

All that is to say. I’m ready for spring. For Fresh. Nothing momentous. Just a hint of change would do. A few buds on the trees. Green grass. Warm sun.


Maybe I can take a page from the pets and just lie down in a sunbeam. Until the season changes.

And so.

I’m scrolling through FaceBook this morning and up pops a post from Geneen Roth. She says:

I heard this from Rick Hanson, author of Buddha’s Brain (I love that book): each morning, do what he calls a “flight check”: remember that 1. You Are Safe. You are not getting bombed, invaded, destroyed. You really are safe, in this moment, now. Number 2. You have Enough. Enough food, enough clothes, enough warmth. And the last one: 3. You are Loved. By a cat or a dog. By your child. By your friend. By your spouse. You are loved and you have love in your life.

Ahhh. February 25th. You’re not so bad after all. (Even though I hear there is a late winter storm looming on the horizon.)

I’m here in my lovely warm house. With my pets. My books. Lunch. The sun is shining. My family will be home in a few hours. We’ll light a fire in the fire place.

February. A long short month. And that’s ok.


One thought on “February 25th

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