Small Acts

I was out driving yesterday. Running errands.

There is a home in the neighborhood for people with disabilities. All of us locals know that you have to be very attentive at the 3 way stop because mobilized wheelchairs can be hard to spot when you’re high up in your SUV.

Crossing the bridge, over the canal. Was a man in his wheelchair. He had the markings of a streetsmart veteran. Lots of bright, bright orange. His hat. His gloves.

This made it easy to spot him waving. I thought he might be stuck in the crazy snowy/ice on the bridge. He was definitely looking for some help.

The soccer mom van ahead of me slowed. Stopped and rolled down her window to talk with the man. Her flashers came on.  She jumped out, and trotted across the street.

The wheelchair dude wasn’t stuck, because he moved himself forward.

I saw then. That he couldn’t bend down to reach the ground. To pick up is orange caution flag. That he smartly carried to attract the attention of the likes of me.

The awesome soccer mom collected it for him. Smiled at the two of us. And jumped back into her van.

I waved at her. And him.

Then we were all on our way.

Each of us better for it.


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