Today I Found a Hard Boiled Egg in My Refrigerator

So I ate it.

I’m thinking it was about a month or so old.

Seemed ok. Quenched my appetite for the moment. Why not?

It didn’t taste rotten. Or even old really.

My expectations all the otherwise.


We expect a cooked egg to only last so long.

But why?

I could have Googled it: How long do hard boiled eggs last in the refrigerator?

I didn’t though. I was feeling adventurous.

And hungry.

So I ate it.

All expectations aside.

In fact. Even. I’m starting to leave all my expectations at the door.

Because I’m learning that day in and day out

expectations are crap.

They lead to worry and disappointment and fear


to throwing away decently good food product.

And so.

If you find a hard boiled egg in your refrigerator.

Go right ahead and eat it.

(ok. maybe give it a good smell first)


6 thoughts on “Today I Found a Hard Boiled Egg in My Refrigerator

  1. You pick the damndest things to blog about; betimes, I wish I had your inspirational spark. But then, I’d be you, and not me… and neither I nor your guys can have that (don’t think I could fit in your clothes, either! 😊

  2. Well Larry you know what they say….actually I can’t think of what “they” might say….But thank you for wishing for my inspirational spark rather than my wardrobe 🙂

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  4. You are braver than I. If I can’t remember how long something has been in the fridge it gets tossed without a second thought. I’ve got enough else to worry about, I don’t need to tack on wondering if the food I’m about to eat (or just ate) isn’t going to sit well. But, I like your adventerous spirit!

      • DJ works… Matticus is just as good… I might even respond to George under the right circumstances. Totally worth the follow. Glad I found your little space of the blogosphere.

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