One Singular New Year’s Resolution

Cheryl Richardson asks:

What if the only resolution you make is to love yourself more?

She suggests that:

If you loved yourself more you’d probably…

Be kinder to yourself and others.

Spend your time & energy in ways that make you feel good.

Say no to things you really don’t want to do.

Say yes to the little voice inside that begs you to listen.

Give from your heart instead of from guilt & obligation.

Attract great experiences and opportunities into your life.

Take good care of your finances and your health.

Surround yourself with people who respect and adore you.

I’m down with all that. But what really resonates with me simply is the Golden Rule:

Be Kind(er) to Yourself and Others.

I’m going to give it a try.

Mostly I’m going to start talking nicer to me. Like less, “You dumb-shit, what were you thinking?”

And no more second guessing after the dust settles with, “You seriously could have handled that better (you dumb-shit).”

And so.

Thank you 2012 – You’ve been a great year!

On to the next!

Be Kind!

Happy New Year!!


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