The World is NOT Going to End.

You know. Really. Readers. Of my blog. (THE CARROT SEED!) Or passersbys.

Sometimes you have days.


You can’t print photos from Photoshop in the layout you desire. (Effn Xmas Card!)

Your youngest son (Max) is undertheweather (three days home from school!) (Feel better Bud!)

The world is GOING TO END! (Not!)

You need new wiper blades (I CAN’T SEE!) (WTF!)

The little dog (Peanut!)  pees in the basement ( A LOT!!) (IT SMELLS!)

Your oldest son (of the two) has INCONVENIENT SOCCER PRACTICE (during dinner!!) Thursday Night, Friday Night, Saturday Night!!

The cat (the fuzzy grey one of the two) projectile vomits (CONSTANTLY!)


Tim brings home roses. (For me!) Because all of the above.

Hello People!

The World is NOT Going to End.


Sometimes you have days.


You pause. And breath. And know.

How Lucky You Are.

(xxoo  Tim, Henry, Max, Daisy, Peanut, Gracie, Blue)  (Keeping me sane and crazy) (Always)



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