“Who Am I?”

Open your heart. Laugh often. Live with ease.

I wrote that tag-line for the Carrot Seed about a year ago.

During that year I’ve been meditating on the question, “Who am I?”

I sit with the question. I run with the question.

We got a delivery of firewood this afternoon. I like to have the guys dump it behind the garage. Then I take the wheel barrow, fill it until it’s just heavy enough to still balance, trek across the yard, unload the wheel barrow and stack the wood. Usually about 11 trips does it.

I stack wood with the question.

Who am I?

Today the wind stopped blowing. It was a cool, crisp autumn afternoon. The sun has moved 90 degrees further west in the sky from where it was this summer. Β The only trees with leaves are either bright yellow or stubbornly green. The sky is dramatic with clouds. I love this day. I love stacking wood.

It brings me to me. The place where I don’t take myself too seriously. Where I’m just me. In my down vest. Stacking wood.

That is who I am.

Maybe not every day. But today. That is totally me.

Open your heart. Laugh often. Live with ease.


6 thoughts on ““Who Am I?”

  1. Anne Honzel…easy question…you are one of the nicest people I have ever met. Just seeing you run by me on the street makes me smile…always has!

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