Life is Fragile

We are so darned resilient. Kind of. This crazy crazy storm raining down on the east coast. Is scary. My parents have lived in their house for 50 years. Currently without electricity. With no cell phone. I wonder how they’re doing in the path of Sandy.  Suddenly the world isn’t so modern. Except that my boys are dancing Gangnam style for me as I type. So often it seems like the world is so small and accessible. We know what’s happening everywhere in an instant. But tonight. I only wonder if my parents are safe.



2 thoughts on “Life is Fragile

  1. I feel your worry. My thoughts and prayers are with You and Yours on this Tuesday morning. Do they have a neighbor you can contact?

  2. Thanks Mary! So hard to watch all the devastation without being able to help. Hoping my parents’ electric will be restored quickly. And am happy to report that that is their greatest hardship – while so many others have so much more to contend.

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