Comfort Zone

Our cat, Blue has been escaping. When you open the door to let the dogs out, out she goes with them. The other day. Nobody noticed. And she spent a number of hours in the great outdoors. Did I mention that Blue has lived in this house for 4 years and in the totality of that time has been outside….NEVER! Until this crazy fall. Out she goes like she owns the place. What’s funny though. Is that she sort of slinks around. Like the great tall ceiling that is the sky may fall down upon her at any moment.

And yet out she goes. A little fear. A bit of discomfort. But the instinct to explore is greater than that.

Blue the cat is willing to move outside of her comfort zone!

We can learn a lot from our pets.

I’m taking a fiction class right now. I feel awkward and exposed and just this side of stupid. But I write and write and write anyway. Because I want to get better. I am terribly uncomfortable. But if I don’t try now when will I? Maybe I’ve got a few stories in me that are worth reading? I just need to work on getting them out.

It’s ok to feel awkward. And stupid. And stinky. It’s worth it.

Because, maybe you’ll find your passion. Maybe you’ll discover you.

Maybe I’ll discover me.



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