Autumn and New Beginnings

Some people see autumn as the beginning of the end. You know the harbinger of winter and all. But for me, and always, autumn has been a time of starting a new. The beginning of the beginning. I was married in the autumn. My birthday is in the autumn. And you know – I did start this blog in the autumn.

Recently I was handed a new beginning. My computer imploded. That is. The little rainbow-colored pin wheel on my Mac wouldn’t stop spinning. Until it did. And then. That was that for my Mac. Yes! My hard drive was dead. No! I hadn’t backed it up. Yes! Everything left with it. I asked the man at the Genius Bar, “Do a lot of people cry here?”

“Yes,” he said. “They do.”

And so.

With the death of my hard drive. With the onset of autumn.

It was time for a new beginning.

My computer lay bare before me.

Like the leaves falling from the trees. Suddenly there is so much to see that you’ve never seen before.

With my empty computer. There were no more leaves to confuse my vision. I could start again. With clarity. Today. With purpose.

You know. To struggle against the universe is simply to struggle. To accept and move forward.

Is a wonderful way to begin.


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