A Bittersweet Solemate

The marathon is only days away.

I am so proud to have raised $1100 for Girls on the Run as a Solemate!

Running for a charity like Girls on the Run gives extra added moral support and encouragement of knowing your running has the double benefit of helping others while working toward an individual goal. I would like to thank everyone for not only $$ contributions, but for cheering on both Girls on the Run and me! The support has been wonderful and I am so grateful!

My personal goal was to run a strong race.  I’ve been healthy, fit and mentally prepared. I’ve had a fun summer of running, and was hitting all my training goals and on my way to a great race.

Until Friday, September 14th.

The last few weeks heading up to race day were to practice pacing and race day strategy. I was running up the very modest incline at Sheridan and Isabella. It was a tempo run day and I was hitting my pace at 8:50 min per mile. I was hoping to run the marathon at right around a 8:55 – 9 minute pace. The light was red. I didn’t mind to stop for a bit. I was feeling a few twinges in my hamstring heading up the hill.

I waited for the light to turn to the little walk guy, then stepped off the curb to cross the street.  Ouch. My left hamstring. Ouch. I kept running for a quarter of a mile. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. My gait turned to a limp. I walked the remaining half mile home.


Hamstring strain. Tendonitis. Crap.

I’ve done everything. Everything everything everything to try to get my leg healed and ready to race by Sunday.

But I’ve run out of time.

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I’ve taken the last week to really evaluate if I could just participate and not “race.” But I can hardly run two miles without a lot of discomfort. So I’ve slowly come to the realization that 26 miles is out of the question.

I am grateful to Girls on the Run for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Chicago Marathon.

I have had such a wonderful summer training. Such a wonderful time writing, and talking about Girls on the Run. And again, am so proud to have raised money for a program I dearly believe in.

I only wish I were running on Sunday.

So bittersweet!


6 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Solemate

  1. oh no. I feel your physical and emotional pain. The summer did provide you with much joy and you’ve brought great attention to the cause.
    xo & big hug.

  2. I am so sorry…I know a fraction of the sadness. Thank you for educating so many people about the amazing Girls on The Run program and thank you for raising money for such a worthy cause. I have enjoyed the training blogs…I am just so sorry that you are not able to run on Sunday. You will be back…you will run another marathon…if it’s what you want. I have you to thank for the 7 marathons I have run…you challenged me to run and taught me how to train for a marathon…and showed me how to enjoy the challenge and enjoy running!

  3. So sorry 😦 I have been there and entered the Vermont City Marathon injured. I walked off the course at mile 2 and it was the worst feeling ever. I am sharing that with you so you might feel a little better that, given the circumstances which are out of your control, you’re making the right choice. I was too stubborn. My bib number was 911 and it was also May 2002 – the spring after the 9/11 attacks. There could not have been more bad omens around that race for me that day. Do you still get to give your donation?

    Heal up .. Your fitness will be waiting.


    ~ Katy

    • Whoa! There’s a race that wasn’t meant to be – sometimes the universe speaks loudly 🙂

      All the money still goes to Girls on the Run regardless – I would have crawled across the finish line to make it happen if I had to! I love what the program teaches girls and what it has taught me. You don’t have to be perfect to be proud and to achieve.

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