On Bike


21 days to go until the marathon. I’ve surpassed my goal and have raised more than $1,000 for Girls on the Run! Still time to donate though, to this wonderful program if you would like: Chicago Marathon 2012/Girls on the Run Sole Mate.

Instead of running 20 miles today. I biked 12. Because of a sore butt and hammie. Which are feeling much better thank you.

Biking my running route. Was weird. Because there were all these runners. Trudging! Trudge. Trudge. Trudge. There was one young fellow who was running. Fast! And one lady, my age hauling ass! I gave her a thumbs up. She acknowledged gratefully. Love her!

There was one other woman who looked like she wasn’t suffering. Not thrilled. But not suffering. And she had really cute shorts, with polka dots.

Aside from that. The 15 other runners did not look like they were loving life.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

I love to run. Here’s a secret. Even more than I like riding my bike. I wished that I was on foot today. But I learned a lot on wheels.

Love the run. Love the challenge. Love the moment. Love the challenging moment.

Life is short.

I’ve been training, sometimes trudging, because I’m raising money and awareness to empower young girls. And also. Because I love to run. Even when I’m looking like, maybe I don’t.

And so.

Everyone I passed today. Whether they looked like it or not. I was hoping that they were loving to run. For their own very good reasons.



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