A Young Soul

You know. Something dawned on me this evening.

I am so very inexperienced. I am so very new at living a human life.

That sounds nuts!


To put it in context. Buddhists, and many others, believe in past lives. Energies passed on. Levels of being.

And. However you think about these things or not, is ok by me.

I’ve been, you know, pondering. And it hit me tonight. Simply.

I am young.


To witness a very old soul is a privilege that I am blessed with.

And so.

I was thinking about him. And thinking about me.

And in contrast. This very young man is so wise. Already.

And me. I have been shocked by the harshness of this world. And have had to earn my wisdom.

Maybe. Because. I am so new?

And then I realized.

Yes. That’s at least a bit of it.

It’s just what it is. Nothing more to it.

Except that. It allows me to accept myself more.

And to appreciate. And learn from. Such a wise young man.


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