Let’s all get really angry! And then once we are…let’s choose the next man to run the free world!

Let’s all castigate Mitt Romney if we are Democrats. Let’s all vilify Barak Obama if we are Republicans.

How long has the American electorate been exercising this ugly display of universal suffrage?

Do you remember voting for president when you were not full of righteous indignation?

Does righteous indignation bring about rational thought?

Did not our forefathers expect better of us?

If instead of being full of righteous indignation. Perhaps you were full of compassion?

I am full of compassion, you say with righteous indignation, that’s why I vote the way I do!

Uh oh. We do have a real problem on our hands don’t we.

But now we’re getting somewhere right?

The first step is recognizing that we have a problem.

And so.

Over the next few weeks. Before you engage. Or post to Facebook. Take three deep breaths. And think about having the right to vote for the next leader of the free world.


3 thoughts on “Foment

  1. I have 2 things to comment on. First, there’ve gotta be happily married American couples consisting of 1 liberal/progressive and 1 conservative (Carville and his wife spring to mind); maybe a sit-down interview would reveal how they get along despite that divide, and we could all learn a lesson from them. Secondly, it’s a nice conceit that the American president is the ‘leader of the free world’, and historically it’s largely been true. Lately, however, seems like most of the free world kinda goes its own way, and we go ours, and while the ways often, maybe mostly coincide, I’m not convinced that we ‘lead’ the free world anymore. Perhaps if we ever pull back from this congressional miasma of partisan gridlock, and find our way back to enlightened compromise and cooperation, we can reclaim free world ‘leadership’ once again.

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