Is This Ridiculous?

Of all the things I could talk about this Friday Happy Hour.

That is to say. I’m sitting on the patio on the most beautiful evening of the year. The cicadas are a quiet hum. The breeze a cool kiss accompanied by the warmth of the setting sun. Max reading next to me. Birds at the feeder appreciating our sharing nature.

And what I want to say. Is. That.

I got the most awesome Universal Remote ever!

It’s the little things in life.

Our old remote was glitchy. And complicated. It needed to be explained. There were instructions for our housesitter so that she could house sit and watch the tv. The up button did not work. You needed an advanced strategy to search the guide. It made me angry!

No more.

With our new universal remote I now watch the television with ease and harmony. I can switch between the blue ray and the music player. I can dvr and on demand with the greatest of ease.

So you see. What I am saying. It is not only the birds and the gardens and the buddha that make me happy.

It is also. A well working universal remote.

Isn’t that wonderfully ridiculous?


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