Runapalooza for Girls on the Run

Today was postcard perfect. Clear air. Light wind. High blue sky. Pleasant summer temperatures.

The perfect day for a 16 mile run!

The perfect day for Lollapalooza!

Running along the Green Bay Trail alongside the commuter train tracks this morning, I was reminded that not everyone would be spending the next so many hours putting one foot in front of the other. At each of the stops were throngs of  young revelers waiting to be carried down to the Loop and on to Grant Park for their day of music and fun. Yes a perfect day for the lot of us!

As many of you know I’m running the Chicago Marathon to raise money for Girls on the Run.

With 10 weeks to go until the marathon, I’ve taken my training to the next level. Which means, I’m wearing a Garmin to follow my mileage and my pace. Still no socks though!

I’ve been stubborn until this week about anything resembling a schedule, or goals, or counting up miles. Rather, I’ve simply been hitting the pavement. Always with a good long run on Sunday. Minding my p’s and q’s so as to stay fresh and motivated.

And I am fresh and motivated! I had a great run today. There was nowhere else I needed or wanted to be. I want to give this feeling, this ability, to run for hours and hours, this fortune, to as many young girls as I can. That’s my motivation. That’s why I was running today.

My biggest goal for the 2012 Chicago Marathon is to raise $1,000 for Girls on the Run. After that? We’ll see in 10 weeks from today.

If you would like to help me achieve this awesome goal and donate a few $$ to Girls on the Run, please visit my donation page at:

Girls on the Run Sole Mates

Thanks! What a perfect day!


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