Summer Reading

My Kindle Fire has been, well, on fire. Over the past three weeks I’ve had the joy of reading: The Year We Left Home, The Great Gatsby, State of Wonder, and The Sun Also Rises. I spent time in Iowa, West Egg, The Amazon, Italy, and Spain. With people I like, I don’t like, and with those I would never meet otherwise. Depending on the book, I was the confident being told a story; a fly on the wall; or, my favorite, privy to private thoughts and motivations.

Kind of a quirky list. And yet. Each book transcended me beyond my tiny little world of me. While at the same time, illuminating the tiny little world of me. And making it better.

Reading good books makes you get stuff. It makes you not feel all alone in your questions and doubts and mess-ups. It allows you to understand the impact of our human transgressions, big and small, from pettiness to war, through generations and generations. The consequences levied by how we deal with relationships, politics, work, pleasure, greed, generosity, love are all fabulously illustrated and brought to life through character, setting, tone, and plot.

Spending time with a good book allows you the amazing insight to know that everywhere in the world, throughout history. People are people. Just like you.


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