Francheezies for Dinner

I just came in from the steam-bath that is the great outdoors. You can see the air. You can taste the air. You can feel the heat and humidity sucking out your vital energy. And curl your hair. And make you surly if you are looked at sideways.

Ahhhhhh. Summertime in Chicago!

Nevertheless. Max was three hours on the baseball diamond this morning. Henry two hours on the soccer pitch tonight.  I walked the dogs a mile or two earlier today. And yesterday,  had a good long hot 15 mile run. Ok. So at one point during that outing, I did sit down under a shade tree. What a lovely idea, I thought to myself. And it was.

And Tim? He’s making Francheezies for dinner!

These badboys are being wrapped with bacon as I type. Then on to the grill. And hot dog heaven for the Honzels.

You know. Tim cooks most of the time. Because he really enjoys it. Lot’s of grilled goods. On both our super grill and the Big Green Egg. During every season. Like the postal people. Rain. Snow. Sleet. Hail. 110 degrees. Tim will grill through it all and deliver the goods to the table.

But I will tell you here. Although he has chirped for years about Francheezies during his fraternity days. He has never, not once, prepared them for his family.

Until today.

Ahhhhh. Summertime at the Honzels!


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