Ok. So this is fun. My e-mail, or computer, or I don’t know what, has been compromised. E-mails are being sent from me, that I haven’t sent. With attachments. From my inner most personal files. Or. At the very least, from what I’ve heard, stuff I’ve scanned. And more? You tell me. If you’ve recently received an e-mail from gtfanny. What did you get?

So. In the Carrot Seed way. I got to thinking. Who am I? Who do you know me as? Has the recent e-mail I sent you (not!) told you something you didn’t already know? Is there more to me than meets the eye?

And more to the point. Who cares?


How do I feel about this invasion of privacy?

While standing in the check-out line at the grocery store this morning. Looking through the assorted circulars lining the lane, exploding with  stories about celebs and their private lives. I got a whoop of perspective.

Well anyway.

Here’s the thing. No hiding. I’m just me. Take me or leave me. Quirks and all.


4 thoughts on “Exposed!

  1. I was outside planting my container garden (a little late in the season) because a new friend just loaded me with containers, soil, manure, etc. I was so excited. I was planting carrot seeds when my phone sounded with an email notification. It was this post .. and I read it with my hands gloved and dirty. I’m kind of sad that I did not receive a random piece of you via email. Sorry that happened though. I like my privacy, as I’m sure you do too. But keep on keeping on .. have you figured out the source of the leak?

    • Loving that you were planting carrot seeds while reading The Carrot Seed 🙂 Still not sure how my mail leaked out – and what all went where – do let me know if you get a piece though! Always good to hear from you!

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