The Fine Art of Summer

Early last evening I was laying in the hammock waiting for the Space Station to go by. Binoculars at the ready, watching every far away spec in the fading blue sky.  I never did see it. But. I had a wonderfully relaxing time in the hammock thinking I might.

This morning I took the newspaper and my Kindle, and my notebook and sat down by the pond. The lily was opening on the lily pads. The sun was just rising in the eastern sky. I sipped my coffee and watched the birds and the fish. And the lily opening.

I never did read the paper. Or turn on my Kindle. Or write in my journal.

I just sat. Enjoying the splendid morning.

The fine art of summer.

I’ve asked my boys to put away their computer games for a bit. I’ve suggested to Tim he might want to play a few less rounds of Words with Friends.

Why otherwise do we need to be so engaged. When we can disengage and rest and recharge. And just sit and be.

What has happened to the fine art of summer?

Is it so terrible to sit. Unoccupied. Disconnected. With nothing more to do than listen while our mind can rest or wander.

Who just sits anymore? Well. There’s me. I’ll be honest though. It didn’t come easily. You will note I did bring those many things along with me to the pond this morning.

Happily. Once I was sitting comfortably in my chair. Really. There was nothing else I wanted to do.

But enjoy this summer day.


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