Laughing Like the Buddha

Sitting on the patio. Under the umbrella. It’s hot. It’s windy. The glare from the sun makes it a strain to see my computer screen. The flies are biting my legs even though I’m burning some stick of something that is supposed to make them not.

I am a bit uncomfortable. Ok. More than a bit with these flies! I should be annoyed. Irritable. Angry even.

Why? What will my anger achieve? Will it remove the flies? Stop the sun from shining? The wind from blowing?

I’m burning the stick. I’m under the umbrella. I’m mostly protected from the crazy wind. I’m doing all I can to manage the elements. Now what is my choice? Get pissed?


To accept them. To know that if I continue to work outdoors right at this moment. I’m going to be a little bit on the uncomfortable side.

So. How about Laughing Like the Buddha instead?

I’m currently reading Healing Anger: The Power of Patience from a Buddhist Perspective, by the Dalai Lama.  Shantideva teaches that we can overcome our angry ways by practicing patience and tolerance. A primary step to this practice? To accept that life is full of discomforts and inconveniences.  Suffering is an everyday occurrence.

But we can overcome it.

Just like Max’s baseball team did last night.

They got run over in an unpretty game that was made even less pretty by a gusty 95 degree dust filled wind relentlessly pelting players and fans alike. Uncomfortable conditions and results to say the least.

How were our boys after the game you wonder? Hot. Dirty. Unhappy with the loss for sure. Wanting to have played a better game no doubt.

They came off the field a little draggy. Until. They spotted the towers of pizza boxes waiting for them under the pavilion.

Pizza! Awesome! Happy Happy Boys!

They were all laughing like little buddhas spattered with sauce and infield dust.

The power of pizza! What our children teach us!

And no worries. They were back on the practice diamond this afternoon. Working hard to meet their next opponent. Ready for whatever comes their way.


2 thoughts on “Laughing Like the Buddha

  1. The Dalai Lama is in the UK at the moment, an dhis words and quotes re frequently in the news – it makes for a marvellous and encouraging change from the normal reports.

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