Name Tags

I was at an art opening last night. Very cool concept Pop-up Art. An abandoned Borders was taken over by a group of local artists for the month. The opening was enticed with wine, live jazz and doors open to a beautiful summer evening.

As we were strolling around the pieces, exclusively paintings, among all the guests, I said to Patti, “I’m trying to discern who the artists are.”

She replied, “The one’s with the name tags.”

I looked around. Duh!

The artists were all wearing tags with their name on the top line. And on the line below their designation. “Artist.”

“I want a name tag!”

Patti humored me, “What would yours say?”


What would mine say?

I of course. Immediately replied proudly, “Writer.”

But I’ve since been thinking. Maybe better. I should be designated. Author. Mom. Funny person. Wife. Friend. Daughter. Athlete. Meditator. Problem Solver. Jack of Many Trades.


Who am I?

And so.

An awesome meditation.

The name tag says.

Who I am.

Who am I?


6 thoughts on “Name Tags

  1. Wow… got me thinking. If I didn’t go with ‘Star Colonel Cobalt Pryde’, I’d have to use ‘Universe Owner’. Just as a ego stroke, and conversation starter, mind you!

  2. I am starting to love the idea of name tags! If everyone walked around with name tags saying who they think they are, or what mood they are in that day, or “what is on your mind?”, think of what a conversation starter that would be!?! How many people who you would normally not have an exchange would you now talk to if their name tag said “bird watcher”, for instance? I’m going to experiment with wearing a name tag around the house and change it daily just to remind myself who I want to be that day and keep on track. Thanks, Anne, you always get me thinking!

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