Heavenly Gardening

Shift is happening. Less attachment. Less grasping.

Understanding. Deeply knowing. That life doesn’t function on hope and fear.

Rather. To really enjoy this precious human life is to embrace Faith. Perspective. Wisdom. Compassion. Appreciation.

Oh my goodness.

All this deep spiritual thinking because I went to the garden to water today feeling no stress!

It’s a gorgeous day. The air is clear and cool. The birds are crazy busy at the feeders and transporting twigs for their nests. Chirping and singing and cackling and tweeting and whistling. The sky the sky the sky! Blue without end.

And so. Our burgeoning garden plot continues to beg for water during this mini-drought. And I was happy to do it. Even if it meant running into Mrs. Mean Lady Gardener and her bad attitude. I didn’t hope that she wasn’t there. It didn’t matter. Something shifted. I was ready to go to the garden with the 45 minutes of time I had during Max’s piano lesson. And water or not. If the hose was occupied. I would come back another time. And that was that. No stress. No fear that things wouldn’t go my way.

Accepting things I cannot change. There really is something to that isn’t there?

And Guess what?

I dropped Max off at his lesson and headed over to the plot. No one was there in all the gardens but me! And it was so splendid. I watered to my heart’s content. Rows of tiny little lettuces. Sprouting peas. The basil making a come back. Flourishing tomatoes. To give them all this gift of water. Felt wonderful.


Before I left. I snuck one of Jane’s snap peas. Delicious! Honestly. Heaven!


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