Between This and That

Schools out!

But. As summer waits to take hold. Those in this house. Have been between This and That.

Next week everything swings into gear.

But this week. Has been Neither Here nor There. That is to say – there is no routine.  Some days there’s too much to do. Other days nothing.

Nothing that is, unless you count sorting through all the debris that was brought home from school lockers that is sitting in the middle of every room.

It’s enough to make the mother of two boys a little nutty!

And again today. I find myself waiting for ice!

In the meantime. In this state of Between Here and There. Our little cherry tree sapling, planted just a year ago, gave us one delicious cherry.

And no worries. I’m not kidding myself how much I enjoy my boys home for the summer. I know in too short a time. They’ll be off. And I’ll miss them like crazy.


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