Watching the Bumblebees with Lauren

A friendly acquaintance just died of breast cancer. She was only 55. She left behind a husband and six children.

She was larger than life. And her obituary was two pages long. I’m pretty sure she wrote it herself. Because that’s how she was.

And now she’s gone.

When nothing lasts. Where do we find meaning?

I’ve been sitting on my patio watching the Bumblebees in my salvia.

Somehow. The Bumblebee seems to know precisely what to do. They hunt for sweet flowers. They package the goodness. And bring it back to their tribe. They sting you if you get in their way.

No doubts. No regrets. Purpose and Meaning. They know what they were put on the planet to do. And they do it.

Why do we humans have so much trouble with that?

And so.

If you were to die today. What would you write in your obituary?

My friend listed her many accomplishments. She modeled in Paris and spoke four languages. Ran a business and raised so much money for so many charities.  Her greatest legacy I’m sure was her beautiful healthy family whom she was very proud of.

And now she’s gone.

But by golly. She lived every day. Larger than life.


6 thoughts on “Watching the Bumblebees with Lauren

  1. I love bees,for many reasons… but do they know how beautiful the salvias are? Do they appreciate their perfume? So sorry that you lost your friend, really sorry.

    • Ahhh yes – to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us – we are very, very lucky to be born into this precious human life after all! Thank you Lois!

  2. The best measure of how ‘well’ we lived our lives lies in those who remember us, miss us once we’re gone. That mostly all I want out of my eventual demise; to know that my friends will think fondly of me. “Boy, that Hawl; he was kinda nuts, but fun to be around!”

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