To Be Strong and Sensitive

I am very lucky. I always have been. And I’ve always known it.

Because I have a very kind heart. I was born with it. No choice.

I feel everything. Everything that you’re feeling. All the good. All the bad.

I take it into my heart.

Whether I want to or not.

For years and years. I couldn’t bear to win a hand of cards if it meant you were sad to lose.

How to manage that?

It’s a blessing. It’s a curse.

Where is the wisdom to know when to win? How many years has it taken to figure that out?

Many. Many!

I’ve always thought I am tough as nails. That I could take the loss better than you. How arrogant!

But. Turns out. I never noticed. Until lately. How easily I bruise.

Just like you.

And so.

Here’s the best thing. Being a mom. Has taught me to take care of myself. Because I want my boys to know that their mom is as tough as nails. And kind. And a winner at cards.

And that is what I want for my boys. To be strong. And sensitive.

(And to win at cards!)

So you see.

I am tough as nails! And. I do bruise easily.

Oh happy wisdom!


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