I Woke Up Today

Every now and again. You receive an unexpected gift. I got one last night as I opened a forwarded e-mail.

It was in the wrapping of silly, petty behavior.

Isn’t life too short?


And so.

The stink of pettiness cleared my head as if it were ammonia carbonate. Oh! I get it! I’m awake!

The resentment I was feeling regarding the entire situation drifted away. This behavior I am witness to. Only suggests that the leveler has no other recourse. No other ability to act in any other way.

With that realization came compassion. Because. I wonder. If beneath the cloak of this unskillful biting, there is confusion, and fear and pain. And maybe a sense of being trapped? Who can say for sure.

But. I suppose. While I’ll continue to take a few more bites and stings here and there. It isn’t my burden. And. By letting go of this resentment I can finally again see that at the heart of everyone. Lies Basic Goodness.


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