The Red Door Changed to Yellow

There’s a house nearby. Where my best friend used to live. She doesn’t live there anymore. And I can hardly believe it. I can hardly believe the years that have passed. The water under the bridge. And over the dam.

Walking by today. The dogs tried to turn up her sidewalk . No Daisy!  No Peanut! Maggie doesn’t live there anymore. Maggie was my best friend’s dog.

When Henry was still little enough to hold my hand we would walk together to her house. On the way we would pass a cement family of ducks. “Duck!” Henry would stop and point proudly with such glee.

The ducks are gone now too.

And Henry is much, much taller.

And on his way to high school. Where has the time gone?

You know. You can’t hold on to time. In fact. You can’t really hold on to anything at all. Can you?

Have you tried maybe? And what of it?

And so.

There are so many levels of knowing that my best friend has moved on.

But somehow. Most of all. It’s that her old front door. Changed from red to yellow.


12 thoughts on “The Red Door Changed to Yellow

  1. I loved this. Life does move on, we grow, we change and we remember. I can relate to this as I’m going through something similar right now in my life. Lots of water under the bridge, too much. Way too much.

    • Ahhhh. That water under the bridge! I’m reading Women Who Run with the Wolves. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Love her! Here’s a wonderfully helpful passage for dealing with past (and present!) “hurts”
      “Sometimes in my work with women I show them how to make a full-length scapecoat…that details…all the name-calling a woman has endured in her life, all the insults, all the slurs, all the traumas, all the wounds, all the scars. It is her statement of her experience of being scapegoated.”
      Isn’t that wonderful? To recognize and proudly “wear” all that we have endured. And be better for it? Rather than – ashamed, or embarrassed or what have you.

      • That’s amazing. It’s so helpful to turn things around and see them in a positive light. I’ll wear my scapecoat proudly, I should, it was very expensive. : )

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