Burning Bridges

A little slice of my backyard life. I’ve been working on this border since 1992. Mostly because I can. I love being in the dirt. Digging holes. Nurturing my plants. Moving them when they’re not thriving. Or when I think they’ll look better in a different spot. Yes. My neighbor, Laura, is in constant wonderment of all the places my shrubs have been!

I love sitting on my patio with the comforting fragrance of lilac. Watching the butterflies, and bees, and birds appreciating this sanctuary that I have created. Of course. I’m not sure who benefits more from this lovely refuge of my backyard. Them or me? All of us for sure!

And more dirt in my life…

I spent the entire morning yesterday in our community garden preparing the soil. There is so much peace along this portion of Evanston in the quietness of Twiggs Park. Resting on the south side of the canal. I know I’m in my own heaven when the opportune robins are visiting while I till. Waiting for me to turn over a worm. Love.Love.Love! Such peace and wholeness I feel while working the soil.

And so.

I also find that I come to myself when I’m gardening. I take out my anger as I pull the weeds and my tenderness as I take a grub and move  him to another place. Rather than squash him. My soul is bare in the garden.

And there I learned. Some bridges, indeed need to be burned. Things come into your life that do you no good. It becomes necessary to take action. Burn bridges if you must. But always do it with a kind heart. Toward yourself. Because it is only when you cultivate  kindness in your heart that you can do so for others as well. Even if you have to burn a few bridges.


9 thoughts on “Burning Bridges

  1. You know my story. I just wanted to say kudos. My whole life I was taught to not burn bridges. But I agree 100% with you. Some bridges need to be burned. But do it with kindness in your heart. Kindness toward yourself.

    Today I walked away from a situation that was not ideal because despite not having much within my control these days, my dignity was begging to take the lead. Within a couple hours, a solution was offered. Sometimes, like burning bridges, you need to leap before you look.

    • Very well put Katy! And thanks too for the link on your blog! (I know I’m a bit behind – I’ve been spending much of my writing time at the baseball diamond – happily watching Max)

      And to the bridges – the reality of seeing and making difficult choices for one’s own well-being. Cheers to dignity, integrity, and courage!

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  3. a lovely read, I know so well when you write about moving shrubs around the garden countless times (they are very forgiving aren’t they!), and reading about how it feels to work in the community garden also strikes a chord as I have an allotment. Many is the time that I’ve worked my frustrations out by digging, or putting things into perspective. It’s kind of medatitive for me.

    • Thanks Claire! I love your site – and know I’ll learn a lot there 🙂 Isn’t being in the dirt where it’s all at after all – thank goodness we’ve got so much to work with!

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