Happiness is Finding a Whoopie Pie in Your Mailbox

And having breakfast with an old friend.

Watching not one but two brilliantly beautiful blue buntings at your feeders for days. Mingling with the rest of the best. Including the fabulous Rose-breasted grosbeak, Blue Jays, and assorted Warblers.

Waiting for the sun to finally come out and sitting on your warm patio reading Better Homes and Garden…and the New Yorker.

Taking the dogs on a luxuriously long walk. Wondering why the Coonhound with the webbed paws skirts the lake surf. And refuses to get her feet wet.  Laughing as you try to crowed her into the water while her dachshund best friend tugs on her leash to get crazy owner mom lady away from the waves.

Letting the two nutty dogs pick their path through the grass of the dunes as you follow the leaders. And become comically stuck at the fork in the sand as Daisy chooses west and Peanut chooses north.

Coming home to a mailbox filled with Whoopie Pie!

Happy Day!


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