Today’s Favorite Bird was Bright Blue

What a wonderful start to the day. I look out the window. And at my feeder is a spectacular splash of bright blue sky. An Indigo Bunting!

He made me so happy!

Which is helpful. Because I’ve been carrying around a grudge and am having a very hard time shaking it.

Sometimes it leaves my mind. But then it’s triggered. I don’t know from where the thought arises. But here it is.

How dare someone tell me what NOT to write about.

I’ve been working on letting it go. But it is has been very, very hard. Maybe by noting it here today will help?

Hello. My name is Anne. I’ve been carrying a grudge for a handful of time and I would like to let it go.

And so. Enough about that!

Tomorrow Ann and I will begin work on our community garden! I look forward to posting about our progress. As you can see. We’ve definitely got our work cut out. 

Fingers crossed for optimum soil preparation and seeds well planted! Can’t wait to get started!


2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorite Bird was Bright Blue

  1. May I refer you to a post titled “Blog With Integrity” ? It was written by a good blogger friend of mine. Maybe you’ve heard of her. ??

    Deal with the source of the grudge. Snuffing it will only cause congestion later. You’re a wonderful blogger so please change nothing.


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