I Love my Binoculars

In a confluence of awesomeness there was a Blue-winged Warbler drinking from the pond and a Sharp-shinned Hawk sitting on the fence in my yard at precisely the same time.

If I wasn’t looking out the window would they still be there?

That is so not a koan.

Of course they would! Right? But I would have missed them both.

It’s been a dreary, dripping, utterly overcast day here. So. When I saw a little bright yellow-bellied bird hopping around the waterfall. I was thrilled!

His color stood out like the only dandelion in a sea of green lawn. Spectacular! A little bird, easily distinguished as a warbler. But which one? I grabbed my binoculars for a closer look. Ah. Such power they lend me!. What lovely grey blue wings. I am confidently identifying him as a Blue-winged Warbler. And feel very lucky that he stopped by for a visit.  I only wish I was able to get a photo.

And in the same breath. I was worried. Is that a Coopers Hawk on the fence? Is he going to eat the pretty little yellow-bellied bird?

Peanut (the dachshund) and I went out for a closer look as the hawk took flight to a nearby tree.

Again. With my Nikon Monarch’s I was able to get a very clear look at the hawk. Those red eyes! And that beautiful reddish orange chest  and dark grey back. Definitely a Sharp-shinned Hawk. And. Happily. He sat in the tree for a bit. Surveying the yard for dinner. And so. I was able to get  pretty decent photo!

A dreary day. That’s ok. Two new birds to the yard. I’ll take it.


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