To Foster Non-Violence We Must Achieve Inner Peace

We can foster non-violence by educating ourselves and our children in the ways of compassion, empathy, and inner peace.

With affection.

With urgency.

We can train ourselves and our children in “wise selfishness.”

In the words of a semiretired simple Buddhist monk, “If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?”

Being in the presence of the Dalai Lama is to feel hope. Wisdom. Compassion. Inspiration. Humor. Humility. And again. Urgency.

He presents himself as a friend. An equal. A grandpa.

Who is on a mission to save the world from itself. By teaching how to achieve inner peace. And thereby. A kinder humanity. Kinder government. Kinder world.

Endeavoring to address the crowd without the use of his ever-present friend and translator, his heavily accented English can be difficult to follow. You must listen very closely to his words and watch his expression and demeanor.

In fact. It’s his demeanor that is most heartwarming. He is utterly congenial. Waving and smiling and bowing with his hands in prayer. His generosity, graciousness and humility was ever present in the way he rushed to ensure every person who was onstage received a white scarf. Each recipient slightly bows as His Holiness drapes it over their shoulders. And then he bows again to them. This incredible blessing bestowed with such genuine humility and kindness.

What an honor! I so wished I were on stage to receive a white scarf!

And so.

The morning discussion was dedicated to nonviolence and its role in creating a better world.

Three incredibly poised and brilliant 17 year olds presented their winning essays on the topic.

Such a wonderful job they did afterward the Dalai Lama came to the microphone and stated, “These people already know these things. They don’t need my talk.”

Indeed. But the rest of us certainly did.

You can change the world.

Practice. Train to find inner peace. And create a better world.


3 thoughts on “To Foster Non-Violence We Must Achieve Inner Peace

  1. yes. i think the most important word in your post is urgency. affection and peace. and thank you for reminding me that peace and urgency aren’t an oxymoron. peace is urgent.

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  3. Thanks Katie! The more I’ve been thinking about this urgency, the more moved I am to take action. I’m continuing to study and practice and will endeavor to post more often on ways we can achieve peace. Through nonviolence. Peace is possible.

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