What’s in the Box? It Looks Like Cake!

Tim walks in the front door. Home from work. Carrying a big package wrapped in a pretty bag. I’m sitting on the sofa reading and working waiting for the rest of the family to walk in. Henry’s next. Then Max.

We’re all very excited. “Oh my goodness! What’s in the Box? It Looks Like Cake!” I exclaim. Suspiciously. As the boys anticipate wide-eyed.

“It’s not cake.” Pause. “They’re doughnuts.”

“We don’t eat doughnuts.” Duh.

“Yeah. But Don said these are the best doughnuts in the country. I had to wait in line 15 minutes. I couldn’t not get any.”

“Sounds like the Doughnut Nazi.”


And so.

The Doughnut Vault really and truly have the best doughnuts I’ve ever eaten.

Not counting the fry cakes from Schutt’s Apple Mill that I feasted on every autumn for my first 18 years of life. (Yes. I’m sure I consumed them at twelve months old.) Until sadly, I left for college where the doughnuts were nasty. But the autumn colors. Fantastic!

I digress.

The family has pretty much given up sugary treats and grain based products. For no better reason that we all feel better because of it. (If you would like a list of one thousand reasons to discontinue sugary treats and grain based products be sure to check out Mark’s Daily Apple)

Doesn’t a doughnut just scream. Sugary Grain Based Product!

“No Doughnut for You!”

Yes. But every now and again. When your husband walks in the door. With a box full of the best doughnuts in the country. That looks like a cake. You have to eat some. of. one. Or. two.

I’m glad I did. But wait. The day gets even better. Tim had another bag tucked under his arm.

A tied up lovely bundle of Homemade salami from the South Side. (I’d link it – but I think some dude made it in his basement.)

Just the right amount of spice and heat.

The perfect accompaniment to a bite (or two) of the forbidden Vault Doughnut.


5 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? It Looks Like Cake!

  1. Oh my gosh I cannot wait to go to the Doughnut Vault….I actually was watching one of those around Chicago shows recently and they were visiting the Doughnut Vault for doughnuts…I googled them and they look so amazing…beautiful photographs of the doughnuts and story about how the Vault came to be. I now have confirmation of their deliciousness from the non grain, non sugary sweets eaters…it seems to be a must visit!!! Yay….I love doughnuts!!!

  2. The Vault rocks! My (not so guilty) pleasure when doing shows at the Merchandise Mart. Totally worth ditching the Paleo. What’s the opposite of that…Carbeo? Anyway, big points to Tim!

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