Today was Sunny and Peaceful

I got everything done today. How crazy is that? I sat. I paid the bills. I walked the dogs. I mowed the lawn. I picked up a free Buddha. I texted. And facebooked. I read a lot of blogs.  I did the grocery shopping. I visited. And e-mailed. And drove children places. And made breakfast, lunch and soon dinner. I read some of a few books. I sat in the sun. I fed the dogs and the cats and the fish.

Not too bad for today.

I’ve got some stories to work on. And some gardens to tend. Some rooms in the house to paint.  A run and some yoga to be had.

But not today.

Where’s the drama? My trip to the grocery store maybe had a little?

You know when you go to Whole Foods at 2pm and you haven’t eaten lunch and you’re really hungry and you buy. Like everything. And then you get home and you “taste.” Like everything.


Wild rice salad with cranberries and pecans, Paella, smoked mackerel, kettle corn, chocolate macaroons, and some fancy variety of blue cheese.

Now I’m feeling a little stuffed. And sleepy.

That’s all the drama I’ve got for today.

Not bad for Tuesday.


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